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An accomplished, resilient and authentic creator with a proven track record in collaboration, cross-cultural team development, entrepreneurship, fine art, graphic design, organizational management, program development and publishing. 

Jessey Jansen is the Founder of Voice of Maasai music label.

Artist Statement

For me, creating has always been a companion, allowing me to make sense of seemingly uncontrolled situations through controlled mediums. Following an emerging artist nomination at the Peninsula Art School, I began to use art as an awareness tool to stimulate civic dialogue and action on the issues of poverty and social mobility; my unique focus led me to Tanzania where I founded Voice of Maasai music and media label.


The original initiative has since evolved into the official independent label and currently has a talent roster of over 45 artists and content creators, featuring original music, articles, and competitions for emerging talent in Maasailand. My vision has always been to advance opportunities, crack stereotypes and build bridges for creative talent, Voice of Maasai has allowed me to stretch the boundaries of possibilities and usher others individual creative potential.


Portraying whispering moments to challenging paradigms of social mobility, I use graphic portraiture, collage, and systems art to offer perspective on how to use vulnerability as a strength and to document the paradigm-shift I experience through this life-changing pursuit.


2023 | American Package Design Winner, GDUSA, Mama Africa

2022 | American Package Design Winner, GDUSA, Kalo Shore Album Art 

2021 | American Package Design Winner, GDUSA, Custom Note Cards

2021 | American Package Design Winner, GDUSA, Gift Cards

2018 | Official Selection, Blue Whiskey International Film Fest (BWIFF), Embattled Land

2018 | American Package Design Winner, GDUSA, Voice of Maasai Marketing Booklet

2018 | Official Selection, Green Bay Film Festival, Embattled Land

2017 | American Package Design Winner, GDUSA

2016 | Best Jazz/World AMI Music Award, Artprize8, Grand Rapids MI

2015 | Brand Award, Green Festival, Los Angeles California USA

2014 | American Package Design Award, Graphic Design USA

2014 | Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

2013 | American Package Design Award, Graphic Design USA 

2012 | American Package Design Award, Graphic Design USA 

2011 | Best of Show Nominee, National Stationery Show, New York NY USA

2011 | Bronze Award, Neenah Paper Paperworks 

2010 | Silver Award, Neenah Paper Paperworks 

2009 | Best of Show, Artwalk, Bolingbrook Illinois USA

2008 | Selected Artist in Residence, Alverno College, Milwaukee Wisconsin USA

2006 | Designer of the Month, Creative Public

2006 | Selected Emerging Artist, Peninsula Art School, Fish Creek Wisconsin USA

2005 | Outstanding Achievement in Web Development, Web Marketing Association


2022 Non-Profit Leadership and Management Certification at ACC

2019 NOLS Women’s Leadership Course

2013 Nikon Photography School

2002 Small Business Development Workshop, UW Madison School of Business

2001 Bachelor Degree in Communications in the Arts from University of Green Bay WI


Professional Registries/Affiliations

Artwork Archive, Profile

Art in Embassies, Registry

Foundwork, Profile

Indiewalls, Member

SeeMe, Member

Women In Music Member

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